"We had a great experience working with the LuxCloud team on our APS package. They delivered to our precise specs and within a tight schedule, enabling PBA users to offer services based on the OnApp Cloud platform.”

Carlos Rego, CVO and Chief Architect, OnApp

Proper APS-enablement of your application is essential for its success as a cloud solution and is a prerequisite to enter the LuxCloud marketplace. LuxCloud can package your application for our marketplace and also offers APS packaging for use on other APS-enabled ecosystems.

APS - Your easy access to become a "pay per use" software service

Entering into a partnership with LuxCloud and developing an Application Packaging Standard (APS) connector is more than just outsourcing the back-office tasks related to the online distribution of your software solution; it means accessing a market place where software vendors and cloud operators together deliver a wide variety of cloud services to businesses and consumers.

LuxCloud world-wide expert in automation integration

Do you need to automate the distribution of your applications and take advantage of a channel with access to more than 50,000,000 possible clients?

Over the years, LuxCloud has gained a wide range of expertise on integrating Automation Platforms. Today LuxCloud operates an industry leading Parallels Automation provisioning platform developed to support the provisioning of an unlimited number of cloud solutions and to manage numerous reseller accounts.

The LuxCloud service offer

The aim of the partnership with LuxCloud is the definition and implementation of a connector according to the Application Packaging Standard (APS) as defined by Parallels. This allows the integration of the Software as a Service (SaaS) application to the LuxCloud marketplace for the online provisioning and management of the SaaS solution. It covers the full service life cycle of SaaS application and will be designed to address requirements of SaaS, such as full automation and role-based access control.

LuxCloud develops the APS that create the best and simplest user experience in deploying the SaaS application to Cloud Service Providers. LuxCloud will, in this instance, act on a streamlined development process:

APS Packaging
  • General information - Rough Impact
  • Statement of work (SOW
  • 1 day business / techinical workshop
  • create a "Funcional & Technical Design Document"
  • Signoff
  • Setting up of a Sandbox enviroment
  • Development of the APS package according to the "Technical Design"
  • Implementing and testing in a Lab and production enviroment
  • Installation Guide & User Guide
  • Certification
  • APS catalogue listing
  • Delivery acceptance

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