Gateway4Cloud - the end-user friendly cloud control panel

The consumerization of IT means employees have far more influence on  what technology is employed. They control their workspace, choosing  which applications to use; bringing their own device (BYOD) is quickly becoming the standard for smartphones.

The SMB working environment is becoming more productive and this has brought about the need for improvements to flexibility, mobility and  usability; SMBs are looking for new technologies and products to support  their employees.

These requirements are met with cloud applications and LuxCloud has the perfect solution to provision these services, automated and fast. When it comes to consuming cloud applications LuxCloud now has a unique product Gateway4Cloud.






Managing a website, e-mail or cloud applications can be a nightmare for SMBs. Introducing the LuxCloud Gateway4Cloud that integrates webhosting tools, e-mail  management and cloud applications in a new user interface that is revolutionizing the industry.

LuxCloud presents a solution to administrators and end-users;  the product enables you to offer cloud applications in a user-friendly solution for everyday use.

•  Drives cloud adoption amongst end-users
•  User-friendly and adaptable control panels
•  Single sign-on for administrators and end-users
•  Fully customizable
•  Easy access to applications from multiple devices
•  Integrates with existing apps Enhanced user-interface 

For the SMB’s administrator

The roll-out of applications and assigning users was never so easy; rather than working with a non-intuitive control panel you can now perform all the functions from a centralized and user-friendly environment. Gateway4Cloud can be accessed from any standard browser without additional software being installed. You will be able to choose new applications, try or buy them for the end-users, manage them and assign users. Your internal users will be able to access their gateway through multiple devices, from any location and with a single sign-on. Boost the productivity and revenue of your company; employ Gateway4Cloud.

For the SMB’s end-user

All your work related applications can be accessed from one centralized gateway using any standard browser or device. Gateway4Cloud is focused on the end-user and provides a centralized user-friendly environment with all the necessary  applications. Gateway4Cloud is more than just a control panel… It’s your gateway to the cloud.


Cloud computing allows your business to scale up or down according to your immediate needs; with Gateway4Cloud, LuxCloud pushes the fl exibility of the cloud even further with new features encompassing:

Personalization features for administrator and end-user:


User-interface features:

•  Integration with existing products
•  Personalized login screen
•  Customizable background
•  Login picture
•  Device independent
•  Improved reseller branding 
•  HTML5 for maximum device 


With the focus on end-users, LuxCloud’s Gateway4Cloud has been designed as a better user experience; the solution can be made to work as you wish. Full customization of all features is possible, from background colour, tile design to screen layout; your company header can even be added to promote your business.


Personalization features for administrator and end-user:


User-interface features:

•  Centralized one-click access to all
   your cloud applications
•  Personalized tile layout – drag & drop
•  Group naming
•  Mobile friendly
•  Single sign-on
•  Live tile information
•  Lower bar menu items for easy access
•  Administrators interface and end-user 
   interface with improved UI
•  Full screen apps


Users are looking for access to data, applications, and e-mails anytime, anywhere. An immediate response is often required and can make or break a deal. Gateway4Cloud allows users to work from any mobile device, iPad, iPhone, etc. with all the access you have come to expect from your laptop. All that is required is an Internet connection and a standard browser.